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PE: Interview with Wingedgenesis5

Wed Jan 23, 2013, 5:52 AM

Hello everyone! :wave: This is an interview with the super amazing WingedGenesis5. She's an awesome friend, artist and person who I'm very pleased to share with all of you. Please enjoy  her and her amazing art :eager:

Q: Introduce yourself a little please! 

Hello!  I'm Hannah, although most people know me as WingedGenesis5 or WG.  I'm mostly a digital artist but I do love pencil, markers and pastels.

:C: Melissa Taryll by WingedGenesis5Mocha Swirl - Coffee painting by WingedGenesis5

Q: How did you first find DeviantART?

I had seen it a couple times while just looking at artwork.  I enjoyed browsing through pieces and eventually joined.

Ready to go? by WingedGenesis5Wyvern by WingedGenesis5

Q: Why do you think DA helps you improve so much?

You're constantly exposed to all kinds of levels in art, and it's both an inspiration and a drive to achieve the level of something you really admire.  Plus you get constructive criticism in areas you may not even know you have problems.  Nothing like a fresh set of eyes rather than ones that have been staring at the same picture for 80+ hours!

Skyrim Self Portrait by WingedGenesis5Happy Birthday Kinsara! by WingedGenesis5

Q: How long have you been into art?

Pretty much my entire life.  I have a heavily artistic family, some have worked for Disney and I grew up in an art gallery we owned.  I didn't get serious about it until I was about 14 though, and that’s when I really started focusing on my development and pushing myself to improve.

Feel Better? by WingedGenesis5An Evening to Unwind by WingedGenesis5Punishment of a Halfbreed by WingedGenesis5


Q: What are some of your biggest artistic influences?

My dad, who's a phenomenal wild life artist.  I don't think I could ever touch his skill and level in a million years.  Tetsyua Nomura was a big influence that actually introduced me to stylizing and got me drawing people in the first place for a while because he made people interesting and I found it fun.  It was a good spring board to branch from once my interest was sparked.  I've never really played the games, only one, but I loved his concept art and the stuff he did.

First Scrimshaw Practice by WingedGenesis5Beast commission for RaiOkami by WingedGenesis5:C: Two Peas in a Pod by WingedGenesis5

Q: What’s your favorite medium to work in?  

Digital and pencil.  Lately I've gotten into copic markers and loved that, but my colors are limited at the moment.

Equine-old work by WingedGenesis5


Q: What was one of the hardest things you’ve learned so far art wise?

Don't look at other people's work and get discouraged that you're not there yet.  Learn to draw for yourself and not to draw to please other people or all of the comparison will drag your confidence down.  Look at other artworks as an inspiration to achieve, not as something you're not.  You'll get there someday and it can be a good driving force to get you there!

Any Last Words? by WingedGenesis5:C: Ciara Emberclaw by WingedGenesis5


Q: What’s your stance on OCs and how they should be treated by other artists/people? 

I'm all for OCs.  I have way too many of them myself, but when you write books, it's hard not to have a large pool of characters.  They're something that's entirely yours and they grow and develop, sometimes on their own once you help them up to a certain point.  As for how other people/artists should treat them, it should be respectfully.  Such as not drastically changing something about them when in turn, what they changed might have been an important part of the character.  For other people, the creator's rights should be respected if they want to use the character.  Some characters take years to flesh out and develop and while someone may be inspired by the character, they can use that inspiration to create their own, not directly copy that character. 

Q: You also do some writing, who’s your favorite character to write?

That's a hard question.  If I had to pick though, I think either Kailec or Taltorn.  (Yes, both dragons, I know) But they're fascinating to me and so fun because of the way they think and reason, as well as how socially awkward they are when it comes to 'normal' things.  Those two are a blast, especially Tal being the reluctant anti hero, she can be quite the handful for others and can pack a lot of personality. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing to draw?

Fantasy!  Must you need to ask?  I love taking a piece of imagination and putting it down, as well as seeing pieces of other people's imagination. 
Merry Christmas AJ! by WingedGenesis5

Q: Any closing remarks?

If you have a passion and drive for art, don't ever stop, no matter what anyone says!  Ignore the haters, quietly accept harsh criticism and take the parts from it you need to and move on.  I know a lot of us struggle with negative comments towards our art, especially when it's out of context, but  it doesn't have to stop you, even if you don't think you're 'good enough'.  If you  look at all of the masters and feel discouraged and that you'll never get there and figure you might as well give up, don't!  What you're looking at is years of hard work, dedication and study.  Hey, I used to draw horses with 9 stick legs, a hotdog for a body, straw sticks for a tail and eyes on the same side of it's blobby head for crying out loud. 

If you get down and discouraged, stop and think for a moment.  They started right where you're at!  They struggled with faces, anatomy, color and backgrounds too, just as much as you may struggle but the one thing they didn't do is get discouraged and give up because they saw someone who was 'better' and more experienced.  Art is a long road, with much blood, sweat and tears and it takes hard work, just like everything else but if you push through, keep going and keep drawing, you will up with the masters and looked up to one day if you have a passion and a love for it that keeps you going.  Keep those pencils sharp and keep practicing!

Interview with the amazing *WingedGenesis5! :la:
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