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New Commissions Info!- CLOSED

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 9:05 PM
CLOSED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2012 - because I'm gone to Europe, camp and California until then.

Ok new info with new incentives and new prices, new stuff, new new new new new everything! :new:! Enough new-ness xD *Has said 'new' so many times that she starts to feel like that's not the correct spelling...*

Reasons for needing commissions: (aka sugar high sob story time)

Reason for now is because the government has decided to be a major pain in the neck. Even though they said they KNOW about the stupid computer error they're still going to throttle us for money, refuse to pay 2/3 of what they usually do and then shortly after that all together cut giving us anything, putting us in a bad situation. The $ = the medicines that keep my dad alive, our rent and food for 5. (Aka when you get told by your mom that we're too broke to by Ramen... there's a problem.)

Now just to be clear we don't have cable, no one in this house smokes or drinks, we have 1 magazine that we get as a family, we almost never buy movies (library, rent free!), almost never get new books, we buy our clothes at goodwill and we conserve as much energy as possible to save on bills. So we waste virtually no $ we get from the government to support ourselves. (So basically again, support the starving AJ so she can get more ramen so there's more other food for her family to eat.)

TL;DR: AJ's on a sugar high writing a semi sob story and needs to go to bed, not write a commission journal.


Alright, away from the boring... Commissions info! :la:

80:points: = 1$ USD (converter here:

Digital art:

Head/Bust: 2$
Commission - Escartias by AJ333Prize Commission - Lux by AJ333Light-Commission by AJ333

Waist up: 4$

Full body/close to full body: 6$
Contest Entry - Senom299 by AJ333Prize Commission - Mirriluna by AJ333Art Trade - Kinsara by AJ333

Background: + 1$

Speed paints: (give me a loose photo reference) $1

Colored Line art: 5$ for 1 character, +2$ for any additional characters +3$ for complex backgrounds
Coloring Contest of Doom by AJ333A Typical Evening by AJ333

Line art Sketch-Dump coloring: 7-10$
Coloring dewm... 8D by AJ333


Photo editing: 0.50-1$ (must credit me as 'editing' or 'editor')
0448 by WitTeaPhotography0449 by WitTeaPhotography0458 by WitTeaPhotography


Necklace pendant: 7$ (+1$ for glow in the dark)
(except shiny from glaze)
Colors seen here: I can mix-and match up to 2 for marbled effect.

Custom Character La Charms: 3$

+ 2-5$ for shipping (will get for sure rates later)

Current Deals:

1. If you can't buy my work at this time because of lack of funds and you promote my commissions and/or recommend some one else and they tell me you recommend them you get 50% off a commission if you buy one and they get 50% off any 2nd commission type they get. (Does not apply to shipping.)

2. Buy 2 commissions, get 1 free digital up to a 8$ value!  (Does not apply to photo editing since that is so quick and cheap, must be 2 of something else. Or 1 of something and a photo editing.)


1. THINGS I WON'T DO (so don't even ask)
- A ton of gore (a tiny bit of blood I'll do)
- Nude
- yaoi/yuri
- Mecha/robots
- Animals
- Any sort of fan-fiction characters or fan arts. I don't like having to reference stuff from shows/books/movies etc and get it all wrong just to get spammed with hate about what I messed up on. Original non-fan-fiction OC's only.

2. I retain the right to say no to a commission I don't feel I can do justice to or that I fell violates what I will not do such as gore/nude/yaoi-yuri/fanfic-nonoriginal characters/out of my ability (like kissing poses, side profiles, advanced poses) ect.

3. Payment:
- 1/2 up front, 1/2 when it's finished.
- Paypal, mail in money order or :points: (or even ramen)
- Pretty much just about any way to send money without either of us loosing more than a few cents.

If you use paypal know that at this time it's my Dad's paypal. If anyone uses that to send my dad junk mail or creepy emails they will be blocked here on dA from my pages and on his email AND I won't be allowed to use his paypal anymore so respect my dad's privacy if you use paypal.

4. Tutorial requests are free, just note those to me. Make sure to tell me before I start working on your piece if you want a tutorial made out of it or not.

5. Please fill this out for the character(s) and send it in a note when you commission me: ONLY SEND THIS IF I'VE AGREED TO YOUR COMMISSION DESCRIPTION (it saves needless work).
Skin tone:
Hair color:
Hair style/length:
Eye color:
Any jewelry/accessories:
Description of desired picture:
---Add this bit in for a big picture(aka fullbody/background etc)----
Time period/type of world they live in:
Short bio/personality type:
Anything else important about the character:

6. My signatures may never be taken off my work ever. If you upload it elsewhere please link back to my page. I'd prefer if my work wasn't re-uploaded on deviant art, please ask about this.

7. Write a note or leave a comment with any questions you have! Otherwise please just follow the other rules, be polite and patient. I'm not a super person and good work takes time. If I'm getting paid I'll be sure to do my very best. Also, I'll enable prints for any work I do for you upon your request.

People who have commissioned me in the past:
1. yuumei-x
2. ShadowQueen25
3. Horses774
4. WingedGenesis5 (x2)
5. AKRine (x2)
6. Eyliana (x3)
7. Tons of prize commissions


Digital art:

Line art coloring:

Speed Paints:


La Charms:

Photo editing: (limitless, just 10 photos total at once)

Thanks for looking everyone! :cookie:


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